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Sports Dentistry

Teeth are lost daily to preventable sports dental injuries. Over 5 million teeth are knocked out per year, with 80% of all dental injuries affecting the front teeth. Most of the dental injuries we see happen occur in limited contact sports like, baseball, basketball, volleyball and soccer. Over a person’s lifetime, injuries to the mouth will cost over $5000 per tooth. To avoid dental injuries prevention is the key and mouth guards have been proven to be highly effective.

Types of mouth Guards:

  • Custom-made:These are made by your dentist for you personally. They are more expensive than the other versions because they are individually created for fit and comfort. We also offer Under Armour Performance Mouthwear for great fitting custom-made protection.
  • Boil and Bite:These mouth protectors can be bought at many sporting goods stores and drugstores and may offer a better fit than stock mouth protectors. They are first softened in water (boiled), then inserted and allowed to adapt to the shape of your mouth. We also offer Under Armour Performance Mouthwear for great fitting boil and bite protection.
  • Stock (one size fits all):These are inexpensive and come pre-formed, ready to wear. Unfortunately, they often don’t fit very well. They can be bulky and can make breathing and talking difficult.

Under Armour Performance Mouthwear

Our office has offered these safety devices for over 10 years, Dr Duga is a Certified UnderArmour Performance Mouthwear Provider.

Click on the link below to look at the benefits of the Under Armour Mouthwear or call us to schedule an appointment to evaluate your child’s mouth guard needs.

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