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At Dr. Duga, Dr. Feeney and Associates, we truly put you and your child first, which is why we are so thrilled to receive such great reviews from our patients, many of whom have referred us to their family and friends and visit us from all across the Tampa Bay area. We can’t tell you how exciting it is for us to be able to share the gift of health and happiness with you and your loved ones.

Dr. Feeney has provided outstanding care for our family for over 4 years. She possesses the qualities of professional wisdom and human compassion necessary to be the BEST pediatric dentist. As a mother of an 8 year old with Autism, quality of care and understanding from the medical community is paramount. When my son needed extensive dental treatment, which required surgery, Dr. Feeney and the staff provided outstanding care and counsel. Dr. Feeney has also seen my daughter since she was one. And as expected, she extends sound professional treatment and preventative care. The kids and I look forward every dental visit!

Not only does Dr. Feeney provide the dental care MY children need, she is also more than happy to reach out to the community. For example, she provided toothbrushes and floss for the students (low income) in my classroom. I can assure any parent of a child with or without a disability that the quality of care provided by Dr. Feeney, is the best in the Tampa Bay area. Dr. Feeney and the staff are positively wonderful and professional. She has inspired my daughter to be a dentist, just like Dr. Feeney, when she grows up. I could wish for no more.

Kerri L.

For seven years my five children have been receiving excellent dental care from Dr. Duga and his staff. They are professional and knowledgeable, but most of all they are caring! Dr. Duga and his staff are the best! My five children look forward to going to the dentist!

Janet P.

My name is Sandi. I am the mother of two girls (13yrs) and (10yrs). I can remember the day when it was brought to my attention that it was time for my oldest to go to a dentist. I started to panic, remembering how much I was afraid of the dentist as a young child.

We have been patients of Dr. Duga for the past nine years. We have been through all phases of dental work including braces. It has been a wonderful experience. Not one time have we ever had an unpleasant visit. Dr. Duga and all of his staff have such a way with children. The girls seem to look forward to their appointments, as though, they were going to a friend's house.

I am not a person who likes to refer others to doctors, dentists etc. for fear of them having a different opinion than me, but since we have been going to Dr. Duga, I have recommended his practice to several of my family members and friends. Not one person has had a negative comment. The only bad thing I can say, is that when the girls reach the age where they have to go to another dentist as young adults, it is going to be hard to fill his shoes.

Sandi E.

After relocating to Dade City, my husband and I were looking for a new dentist for our two children when I was referred to Dr. Duga by a friend. I was a little hesitant about going to him as his office is 25 minutes from our home. I wasn't sure if committing us to that commute would be a good idea. However, my friend was extremely happy with the care and services Dr. Duga and his staff gave to her children and I decided we would give them a try. At first, we were just going for the twice annual cleanings and addressing any cavities or bondings that needed to be performed. My girls felt right at home with Dr. Duga and his office. Dr. Duga is a very warm, energetic and fun dentist.

The office is a very pleasant environment; the front office staff knew us by name very quickly and kindly greets us upon our arrival. In addition to the fun activities provided for them in the waiting room, our girls just love that they can watch a movie while having their procedures. When it came time to discuss braces, I was extremely thrilled to learn that Dr. Duga is trained and qualified to assist us with their orthodontic needs.

Our oldest daughter is just two days away from having her braces taken off and we are very happy with her outcome. Her smile is beautiful and it took a little less than two years. I no longer deliberate the commute to Dr. Duga's office from Dade City. The drive is well worth the care and attention my girls receive.

Denise and Richard P.